Stretch And Release

Not just another stretch class, nor to be confused with yoga. welcome to stretch and release, where you learn more effective ways to stretch the muscles, increase tissue elasticity and reduce joint tension.


Foam Roller

Foam roller/massage ball

Learn how to effectively use a foam roller and massage ball to stimulate the muscle spindles, waking them up. 
benefits include: Myofascial release, increased blood flow, breaks up knots within the muscle and so much more!


Split on Blocks


stretch for  a purpose. We stretch from head to toe after activation to increase muscle extensibility, tissue elasticity and overall flexibility. By passively taking the muscle through its full range of motion to increase autogenic inhibition.


Young Man doing Physical Exercise


Lets talk mobility! Our lifestyle is often the biggest cause of our lack of mobility, meaning we don't move joints through their full range of motion. Desk jobs, repetitive tasks even the love of our favorite show. Mobility training is a corrective solution to the above, with joint specific exercises that can be done anywhere, anytime!